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Benjamin Marion LANCASTER

1785 - 1859

  • OCCUPATION: Primitive Baptist Preacher
  • BORN: 1785, North Carolina
  • DIED: 1859, Perry Co. TN
  • BURIED: Dickson Cemetery on Lick Creek, Perry Co. TN


From the research of Nancy Lancaster Mathews

1782*Edgecombe Co., NC, Vital Records
Benjamin Marion Lancaster (b. 1782 Edgecombe Co., NC-d. bef. 1859 Perry Co., TN)

Sarah Harriett Whitfield (b. 1785 VA-d. after 1860 Census Perry Co., TN)

(Note*Thomas Whitfield in early Hickman Co., TN also Whitfieldís in early Williamson Co., TN)

1806*Williamson Co., TN, Marriage Records, 1804-1850, by E. K. Hamilton
Polly Lancaster married Owen Williams May 30th 1806: Bondsman: Benjamin Lancaster

1810*Census, ??? Williamson Co., TN or Humphreys Co.???
1820*Census Records, Hickman Co., TN, page 5- (331101-10001-00)
Benjamin Lancaster, listed head of household, 1m (over 45 yrs-bef. 1775) Benjamin

1f (over 45 yrs=bef. 1775) Sarah- 1m (18-26 yrs=1794-1802) Jesse- 1m (16-18 yrs=1802-1804) Unknown- 3m (10-16 yrs=1804-1810) John, David, William- 3m (under 10 yrs=1810-1820) Benjamin, Gabriel, James- 1f (under 10 yrs=1810-1820) daughter

1821*Hickman Co., Deed Book E, pg. 288
April 24th 1821- Littleton Harmon deeded 30-acres, Registered April 24th, 1821. Know all men by these present: That I, William Phillips Sheriff, of Hickman Co., and State of Tennessee did by virtue of my office an agreeable to act off assembly in such case made and provided in pursuance to two writs of vendition exponas from the count Court of Hickman to me directed to sell thirty acres of land the property of Benjamin Lancaster to satisfy two judgments, one in favor of Benjamin Wilson the other in favor of Andrew Stewart a notice of said order were served on said Lancaster and advertised as the law directs to be sold at the court house in the Town of Vernon on the twenty second day on February 1820 and said land being set up at public sale to the highest bidder Littleton Harmon became the last and best bidder at one hundred and two dollars. Now this indenture is made between the said William Phillips Sheriff as aforesaid of the County of Hickman and State of Tennessee of the one part and before mentioned Littleton Harman of the said County and State aforesaid of the other part witnessed: That the said William Phillips, Sheriff hath for and in consideration of the sum of one hundred and two dollars to him in hand paid by the said Littleton Harmon the receipt whereof is hereby acknowledged hath bargained and sold and delivered Harmon his heirs etc. certain tract or parcel of land lying and being in Hickman County and State of Tennessee and on the west side of Pine River on a creek known by the name of Plunders Creek a small stream that runs into the Pine River. Beginning at a hickory on the east boundary line of an entry made by Robert Drake for one hundred and twenty five acres, running north seventy and one half poles to a hickory and dogwood on said Drakes line, thence east eighty eight poles to a dogwood and gum, thence south seventy and one half poles to a hickory thence west sixty eight poles to the beginning, containing thirty acres, which will the more fully appear by reference to be had to a Grant entered on the 10th day of December 1811 by No. 7241. To have and to hold the aforesaid land with all the singular the rights profits heredataments and appurtenances thereunto belonging or in anywise appertaining to the only proper use and behalf him the said Littleton Harmon himself his heirs, etc. doth covenant and agree to and with the said Harmon his heirs and assigns the before recited land and bargained premises he will warrant and forever defend as far forth as authorized by virtue of his office. In witness whereof the said William Phillips, Sheriff as aforesaid hath hereunto set his hand and seal the day and above written. Signed, William Phillips, Sheriff (seal) Witnessed: Robert Daveny and Thomas H. Phillips.

1821*Wayne Co., TN, Salem Baptist Church
June 8th 1821- Organized June 8th 1821. Members residing in the bounds of 48 creeks being sensible of our lonesome and desolate condition... prayed out brethren of the churches on Beaverdam and Cane Creek for ministerial aid and Elders Willis Dodson, Benjamin Lancaster, and William Hogue came to our relief and were constituted a church. Lovie Rasbury chosen and ordain Deacon. Fannie Staggs and Elijah Pope received as members.

Spenceís History of Hickman Co., TN, pg. 298 by W. Jerome D. Spence and David L. Spence
John Lancaster and his brother Gabriel Lancaster of Beaverdam Creek were Baptist preachers who preached in the Tenth District in the early days. Their father Benjamin Lancaster was probably the first preacher who held services in this district.

Spenceís History of Hickman Co., TN, pg. 327 by W. Jerome D. Spence and David L. Spence
There is a Missionary Baptist Church at Fall Branch called "Pine Grove". The Primitive Baptists have a church at Center, near the county line. This denomination had a church in the pioneer days near the line of the Twelfth, Fourteenth, and First District. It was called "Sycamore," it being built of sycamore logs. The Preachers here were Benjamin Lancaster, Temple Hicks, and Mr. Woverton. This church was a short distance from the present site of Swan Bluff post office.

Center Primitive Baptist Church, Swan Creek, Hickman Co. TN, (1825-1912)
April 2nd 1825- On Saturday, before the 2nd Lordís Day in April 1825 the Brethren: John Harder, Sr., John Harder, Jr., Daniel Garrett, Bazeley Clayton, John Clayton, Benjamin Lancaster and the Sisters: Delilah Harder, Nancy Clayton, Rebecca Garrett, Darcus Sharp, Polly Powell, Sally Lancaster and Elizabeth Garrett convened at Center Meeting House on Swan Creek and agreed to unite themselves in the bonds of Brotherly Affection in a church capacity as a Baptist Church considering that the Great Head of the Church is all sufficient for the direction and government of his own body- We, the afore named Brothers and Sisters of the Baptist Order have received the Bible as our guide and agree in Godly simplicity to be governed thereby soliciting the Father of Spirits that unity may abound among us and that all will cordially submit to each other- The under signed Brethren and Elders met at Center Meeting House on the Saturday before the 2nd Lordís Day in April 1825 and constituted and afore named Brethren and Sisters a Church of Jesus Christ after examining their principles and pronounce them a Church capable of walking in gospel order- Signed: Willis Dodson, John Hunter and William Hodges

(Original books are in the procession of Willard Marie (Hinson) Duncan)

Center Primitive Baptist Church, Swan Creek, Hickman Co., TN (1825-1912)
June the Saturday before the 2nd Lords day the Church met and after Divine worship proceeded to business first opened a door for the reception of members and received none- 2nd called for the reference and found there an act of the Church for the ordination of Brother Thomas Dodson to the ministry took up the reference for which the Church called for the several members appointed by the Church at Centre to bear their letter to the sister churches to wit; Beaverdam and Friendship the delegates made their report and was dismissed. The presbytery being present called for by the Church took their seats and the Church gave Brother Dodson up to the presbytery for an examination the said Brother Dodson after and examination was by the presbytery said to hold the mystery of the faith in a pure conscience the presbytery then ordained brother Thomas Dodson as a Elder to the ministry in gospel order, the names of the presbytery Elders Benjamin Lancaster

Center Primitive Baptist Church, Swan Creek, Hickman Co., TN (1825-1912)
Continual Church register*notes beside names: Brotherís register- John Clayton, B. B. Clayton, Daniel Garrett*dead, Samuel Mayfield*dead, Asbel Garret*excluded, Josiah P. Harder, John Sharp*mist, Thomas Dodson, William Easley*dismissed by letter, Edmond Baker, Cambury Ginings, Walter Brides (Bridges), Samuel Sharp, James Lindsey, Isaiah Baker, Asbel Garret*excluded, John Hensley, Benjamin Lancaster*dismissed by letter, Patrick Cotton*dismissed by letter, Joel Harder*excluded, R. W. Fain, Wm. Arrington, John R. Smith*excluded, James Campbell, George Berry, George Benthel, Thompson Pell, Nehemire Sharp, Mr. Pope, William (?), Julius Lewis- Sisterís register- Delila Harder*dead, Nancy Clayton, Milly Sharp, Dicy Mayfield*dead, Elizabeth Johnston, Margaret Hensley, Elizabeth Garret*dead, Mary Harder, Candes Garret, Rebecca Thompson, Nancy Dodson, Betsy Sharp*mist, Siperisita Arrington*excluded, Elizabeth Cockrel, Roda Baker, Elizabeth Baker, Peggy Clayton, Patience (?Black), Milly Sharp, Sophiah Lindsey, Harriet Harder, Sarah Lancaster*dismissed by letter, Elender Cotton, Mariah Campbell, Mariah Sharp*excluded, Abigil Joice*dead, Lucinda Garrett, Sara Hensley*dead, Elizabeth Fain, Mary Harder, Pheby Jones, Clay(?) Arrington, Caroline Quillen, Jane Hensley, Jane/June Berry, Candis Garrett, Rachel (?), Elender Grimes, Elizabeth Hensley

Spenceís History of Hickman Co., TN, Page 316
A portion of Sulphur Fork is in the Eleventh District... One of the early preachers of this section was John Lancaster, the Primitive Baptist. Lancaster assisted in the building of the cabins at Beaverdam Springs, working six days and preaching on the seventh.

1830*Spenceís History of Hickman Co., TN, pg. 30 by W. Jerome D. & David L. Spence
Prior to 1830- Benjamin Lancaster a Primitive Baptist preached in this (1st.) district, as did also Samuel Whitson who preached at Centerville.

1830*Census Records, Hickman Co., TN, page 291- (01111001-01100001)
Benjamin (50-60 yrs=1870/1880) Lancaster, listed head of household... 1f (50-60 yrs) Nancy-

1m (20-30 yrs=1800-1810) William... 1m (15-20 yrs=1810-1815) Benjamin- 1m (10-15 yrs=1815-1820) James- 1f (10-15 yrs=1815-1820) Daughter- 1m (5-10 yrs=1820-1825) Elijah... 1f (5-10 yrs=1820-1825) Daughter

1832*Salem Baptist Church, Wayne Co., TN, February 1832, Church Minutes.
Benjamin Lancaster received by letter. These notes were abstracted from a copy of the church

Members and minutes in the possession of Victor Rasbury of Columbia, Maury Co. TN This

Minutes continued unto 1925, but these abstracts were only made until the 1860's. (Note*this would be Benjamin B. Lancaster, who married Lydia Rasbury)

1837*Perry Co., TN, Circuit Court Records, Vol. II, pg. 347 (1834-1838)
May 23rd 1837... State of Tennessee to any lawful officer to execute and return you here by commanded that of the goods and chattels lands and tenements of Henry West, Jacob Johnson, Benjamin Lancaster and John Branstitter. If any of you in the County to be founded you cause to be made the sum of fifty four dollars and fifty cents debt and one dollar and thirty seven cents cost with interest from the 10th of July 1836 to satisfy a judgment that Nathaniel Moore recovered against them and when made pay to the plaintiff as the law directs. Given under my hand the 23rd day of May 1837. Signed Richard Hill JP Endorsed as follows to wit: no personal property found of the defendants Henry West to be found in my county to levy this execution and by the consent of the parties levied on thirty acres of land the property of Henry West it being in two entries west of John Grahams and South of Samuel Cohorns. Survey on Bar Creek the 10th of June 1837 Balaam Graves, Deputy Sheriff. It is ordered by the court that an Order of Sale Issued and that the Sheriff Execute the same.

1840*Census Records, Hickman Co., TN, page 175- (00100001-00110001)
Benjamin Lancaster, listed head of household, 1m (50-60 yrs) Benjamin... 1f (50-60 yrs) Sarah- 1m (10-15 yrs) Elijah- 1f (10-15 yrs) Elizabeth... 1f (15-20 yrs) Girls

1840*Center Primitive Baptist Church, Swan Creek, Hickman Co., TN (1825-1912)
November 1840- November met according to appointment. After divine service proceeded and received a brother and sister towit: Benjamin Lancaster and his wife Sarah by letter

1849*Early History of Coon Creek Primitive Baptist Church, Perry Co., TN
July 3rd 1849- The Church was first called Brush Creek Church before being located on Coon Creek in Perry County, Tennessee. William Hodges was one of the first Baptist ministers in Perry County. Church records; Saturday before the third Lordís day in July 1849 the church met at Coon Creek and after Devine Services the church set in order; First: A door was opened for the reception of members and none came forward- Second; a motion was made to read the Abstract of Principles received and it was read as follows- 1st We, believe in one only true and living God the Father, Lord and Holy Ghost- 2nd We, believe that the scriptures of the Old and New Testaments are the word of God and that all the Gospel ordinances are contained in the New Testament- 3rd We, believe in the Doctrine of election and that God chose his people in Christ before the foundation of the world- 4th We, believe in the Doctrine of original sin- 5th We, believe in manís impotency to recover himself from the fallen state he is in by nature by his own free will and ability- 6th We, believe that sinners are justified in the sight of God only by the imputed righteousness of Christ- 7th We, believe that Godís elect shall be called, converted, regenerated and sanctified by the Holy Spirit- 8th We, believe that the Saints shall persevere in Grace and never finally fall away- 9th We, believe that Baptism and the Lordís Supper are ordinances of Jesus Christ and that true believers are the subjects and believe in baptism by immersion to be the only true mode- 10th We, believe in the resurrection of the dead and the general judgment- 11th We, believe the punishment of the wicked and the joy of the righteous will be eternal- Then we took up the case of our Association and chose Brethren Benjamin Lancaster and Gabriel Lancaster and brother Cooper B. Land in case of failure- One dollar contribution- Then the church dismissed in order. Signed: B. Lancaster, Moderator and H. Campbell, Clerk. (Original books are in the procession of Willard Marie (Hinson) Duncan)

1849*Early History of Coon Creek Primitive Baptist Church, Perry Co., TN
Register of members- Benjamin Lancaster, Sarah Lancaster, Gabriel Lancaster, Martha Lancaster, Russell Hawkins, Nancy Barber, Robert Whitwell, Gatsy Warren, Cooper B. Land, Lucinda Hinson, David R. Harris, Sarah Whitwell, Rosanna Hocking, Sarah Sellers, Elizabeth Hocking, Mary Copeland, Dicy Griffin, Nancy Campbell, Catherine Hinson, Anne Coffer, Mary Gunter, Sally Barber, Agnes Coble, Milly Evens, Mary Ham, Susannah Tally, Celie Lee, Polly Talley, Anna Barber, Rebecca Cates, Nancy Cooper, Patsy Barber, Abby Warren, Elizabeth Cates, Molly Warren, Agnes Coble, Polly Coble, Pharina Halbrooks, Nancy Hill, Milly Warren, Milly Halbrooks, Mary Campbell, John Cates, Smitha Campbell, C. B. Land, Fanny Dowdy, Jackson Edwards, Elizabeth Hinson, Sarah Barber, Jane Smith, Melinda Kilpatrick, Melinda Hinson, Michael Campbell, Dicy Griffen, Sarah Sellers, Dicy Copeland, Larkin Hinson, Anny Barber, Fanny Dowdy, Hannah Land, Catherine Hinson, Nancy Rogers, Elizabeth Meacham, Elizabeth Edwards, Lucinda Williams, William Hodges, Susannah Hodges, John Halbrooks, Millie Halbrooks, Daniel Halbrooks, Sarah Halbrooks, Elijah Warren, Charlotte Warren, Richard Campbell, Rachel Campbell, John Halbrooks, Elizabeth Anderson, George Coble, Rachel Hill, Joseph Warren, Millie Warren, William Hilburn, Mary Whitwell, Green Roden, Smithy Campbell, Thomas Dowdy, Mary Barber, Robert Hodges, Mary Copeland, Hiram Campbell, Phoebe Hodges, Theophalus Parks, Polly Campbell, Richard Dickey, Nancy Campbell, Bird Tally, Elizabeth Warren, James Bates, Mary Parks, Robert Whitwell, Mary Dickey, Thomas B. Murray, Nancy Murray, William Whitwell, Jane Riley, Benjamin Shaw, Polly Ann Smith, George Hawkins, Elizabeth Smith, John L. Talley, Roseannah Hawkins, Joshua Cates, Jane Smith, Nancy Hawkins, Susannah Talley, Sarah Hinson, Polly Talley, Margaret Murray, Rebecca Cates, Belinda Anderson, Patsy Barber, Nancy Barber, Gardner Kelly, Elizabeth Cates, Patience Fields, Mary McDaniel, Anne Edwards, Eli Dyer, Elizabeth Tucker, Evaline Hinson (Some of these names are repeated)

1850*Census Records, Perry Co., TN P-844-pg. 366
Benjamin Lancaster, 67-NC, head of household, farmer... Sarah Lancaster, 65-VA

1859*Perry Co., TN, Deed Book, Dated February 7, 1859
This indenture made and entered into this the 7th day of February one Thousand Eight Hundred and Fifty Nine between Henry Stanley of the first part and William Lancaster of the second, all of the County of Perry and State of Tennessee, issued extr. That for and inconsideration of the sum of one hundred dollars to him in had paid by said Lancaster, hath this day bargained and sold allies and conveyed unto said William Lancaster his heirs and assigned forever a certain tract or parcel of land situated and lying in said county on Lick Creek. First tract bounded as follows to wit, beginning at a birch standing in westbound line of a tract of land belonging to the "Widow Lancaster" and on the bank of her spring branch, runs thence south 45* west 50 poles to a birch, thence south 50* east 20 poles to a sugar tree, thence north 40 poles to the beginning. Containing two acres and three quarters. Also one other piece of parcel of land lying on Lick Creek beginning on a sweet gum, the southeast corner of a 25 acres entry in the name of said Stanley, runs thence east 76 poles to a stake in a field, thence south 6 poles to an elm, on the bank of Lick Creek, thence west with the boundaries of said creek to beginning. Containing two and half acres more or less to have and to hold the aforesaid tract of land forever, to the said William Lancaster, his heirs forever and I the said Henry Stanley for myself, my heirs, executors and administrators will warrant and forever defend the right and title from. (Note*Widow Lancaster, wife of Benjamin M. Lancaster)

Spence's History of Hickman Co., TN, Pg. 68, 69, 70
Another class of heroes of the early days is that composed of pioneer preachers, who came into the wilderness bearing aloft the cross, and who kept unfurled to the breeze the banner of Israel's King. Through the darkness of the pioneer period shone the light of the gospel, which served to guide and direct the footsteps of our fathers as they penetrated the wilderness in search of homes and happiness. Soldiers of the cross, faithful and brave, while your earthly deeds are being recorded, you possess the crowns promised to those who are faithful to the end. The pioneer preachers of the kind here described were not confined to the First District; their names appear in the sketches of the several districts of the county. But the names of some just as Christlike, just as faithful, are not mentioned here; their names are written in the imperishable records of heaven. The pioneer preacher-

"Remote from towns, he ran his godly race... Nor e'er had changed, nor wish'd to change, his pace.

Unskillful he to fawn or seek for power... By doctrines fashion'd to the varying hour;

Far other aims his heart had learned to prize... More bent to raise the wretched than to rise.

To relieve the wretched was his pride... And e'en his failings leaned to virtue's side;

But in his duty, prompt at ever call... He Watch'd and wept, he prayed and felt for all;

And, as a bird each fond endearment tries... To tempt its new-fledged offspring to the skies,

He tried each art, reproved each dull delay... Allured to brighter worlds, and led the way.

Truth from his lips prevailed with double sway... And fools who came to scoff remained to pray.

To them his heart, his love, his griefs were giv'n... But all his serious thoughts had rest in heav'n.

As some tall cliff that lifts its awful form... Swells from the vale, and midway leaves the storm, Though round its breast the rolling clouds are spread... Eternal sunshine settles on its head. "


                                                                        _Samuel LANCASTER ___+
                                                                       | (1673 - 1760)       
                                                  _Robert LANCASTER ___|_Elizabeth HARRIS ___
                                                 | (1702 - ....)                             
                            _Benjamin LANCASTER _|
                           | (1726 - 1793)       |
                           |                     |                      _____________________
                           |                     |                     |                     
                           |                     |_Martha ? ___________|_____________________
 _Benjamin LANCASTER , Jr._|
| (1749 - 1806)            |
|                          |                                            _____________________
|                          |                                           |                     
|                          |                      _Roger DELK , Jr.____|_____________________
|                          |                     |                                           
|                          |_Lucinda DELK _______|
|                                                |
|                                                |                      _____________________
|                                                |                     |                     
|                                                |_____________________|_____________________
|--Benjamin Marion LANCASTER 
|  (1785 - 1859)
|                                                                       _____________________
|                                                                      |                     
|                                                 _____________________|_____________________
|                                                |                                           
|                           _____________________|
|                          |                     |
|                          |                     |                      _____________________
|                          |                     |                     |                     
|                          |                     |_____________________|_____________________
|                          |                                                                 
|_Sarah GILBERT ___________|
                           |                                            _____________________
                           |                                           |                     
                           |                      _____________________|_____________________
                           |                     |                                           
                                                 |                      _____________________
                                                 |                     |                     

Source references