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1702 - ____

  • BORN: 1702, Surry Co. VA


From the research of Nancy Lancaster Mathews

1702*Surry Co., VA, Vital Records
Robert Lancaster (b. 1703 Surry Co., VA)

Martha (?) Lancaster (b. abt. 1706 Surry Co., VA)

1736*Isles of Wight Co., VA, Deed Book 5, page 74, dated, October 21, 1736
Robert Lancaster, witnesses a deed of sale, between Thomas & Susannah Crafford, of Isles of Wight Co., to George Bell of same. Registered, November 22, 1736.

1738*Surry Co., Deeds, Wills, Etc. 9, pg. 48 (1738-1754)
March 21st 1738... Account current of Estate of Elizabeth Champion deceased. I, Charles Champion, administrator, lists "Colonel Allen for Probation of my father's will", for my mother" then the list continues with many, Samuel Lancaster Jr. William Lancaster, Lawrence Lancaster, Robert Lancaster Jr., Robert Lancaster, Pittman’s listed also, many other names associated with the Lancaster family out of Surry Co., VA. (Note*Robert Lancaster was living in Isles of Wight Co., VA, at this time.

1744*Isle of Wight Co., VA, Deed Book 7, pg. 186 (1744-1747)
March 7th 1744... Benjamin Pittman and wife Fortune Pittman of Nottoway Parish to his friend Thomas Pretloe of the same deeded 240-acres (being part of a patent for 590-acres dated March 13th 1743) adjoining Proctors Ferry, Copohonk Branch, Williford, and Micajah Edwards. Signed Benjamin & Fortune Pittman. Witnesses: Robert Lancaster, John Williford, Charles Cosby, Thomas Holloman, and Lawrence Lancaster. Registered, September 23rd 1745.

1745*Southampton Co., VA, Deed Book 1 (1749-1753), by John Anderson Brayton
June 7, 1745... (104) pg. 220-221, Recorded May 9, 1751, Lawrence Lancaster of Isle of Wight in Nottaway Parish and Soloman Delk of same place, to divide said land that formerly did belong to Edward Moreland, deceased; we pledge in sum of 50-pounds cmV, quantity of land falling to Solomon Delk is 85-acres; Witnesses: Thomas Pretlow, Robert Lancaster, Samuel Lancaster, Joseph T. Pitman, Arthur (x) Williams; Signed: Lawrence Lancaster and Soloman Delk

(Note*Edward Moreland died intestate before December 1729, and his wife Unity signed the appraisal of his estate, Isle of Wight Co., VA. Will Book 3, pg. 191.)

1745*Isle of Wight Co., VA, Deed Book 7, pg. 290 (1744-1747)
August 23rd 1745... Samuel Lancaster of Albemarle Parish in Surry County to William Drake of Nottoway Parish in Isles of Wight deeded 150-acres on the south side of main swamp adjoining the land formerly Thomas Pittman's. Signed, Samuel Lancaster. Witnesses: Robert Lancaster, Joseph Lancaster, Arthur Crocker, Joseph Holloman, Nicholas Thompson, and Lawrence Lancaster. Registered March 24th 1745.

1745*Isles of Wight Co., VA, Deed Book 7, pg. 163 (1744-1747)
August 23rd 1745... Samuel Lancaster of Surry County to his son Robert Lancaster of Isle of Wight County deeded 100-acres on Blackwater Swamp in the upper parish (being the upper part of a patent for 350-acres granted James Allen on April 23rd 1701 who sold it to Thomas Pittman). Signed Samuel Lancaster. Witnesses: Joseph Lancaster, Arthur Crocker, Joseph Holloman, William Drake and John (x) Lancaster. Registered August 26th 1745.

1749*After Isle of Wight County, Virginia had been divided and Southampton County was formed in 1749, Robert Lancaster sold his property.
1753*Southampton County, Virginia, Deed Book 2, pg. 28
December 10, 1753 ... Robert Lancaster of Southampton Co., to Jordan Thomas of Isles of Wight County, Virginia. The land that was described as located in Nottoway Parish on the Blackwater River at Proctor's Ferry, adjacent to James Smith line

1754*Southampton Co., VA, Wills & Administrations, Book II, pg. 154 (1775-1800)
September 13th 1754... Will of James Smith, Leg: wife Mary, son John, grandson James Smith, daughter Mary. Executrix: wife Mary and son John Smith. Registered September 13th 1754. Witnesses: Robert Lancaster, John Lithgee

1756*Isles of Wight Co., VA, Deed Book 9, pg. 427 (1752-1758)
August 5th 1756... Jordan Thomas, Merchant of Edgecombe Co., in North Carolina appoints Richard Baker of Isles of Wight as his attorney to sell a tract of land in Newport Parish 400-acres purchased of William Flake 150-acres of land purchased of Richard Foster 270-acres in Southwark Parish purchased of William Clarke and 100-acres in Nottoway Parish in Southampton County purchased of Robert Lancaster. Witnesses: Jordan Thomas, Joseph Bridger, Richard Kellow and Benjamin Baker. Registered August 5th 1756.

1760*Isles of Wight Co., VA, Wills and Administrations, pg. 53 (1647-1800)
December 13th 1760... Will of Joseph Crocker: leg. Son Samuel: son Robert: my father-in-law Robert Lancaster to have the use of my son Robert's land until he is twenty-one: daughter Martha: daughter Mary: William Williford is to have my son Samuel: Robert Lancaster my son Robert: Elizabeth Jones, my daughter Martha: Martha Jr. (Lancaster) my daughter Mary. Ex. William Williford. Dated December 13th 1760 and registered February 5th 1761. Witnesses: Thomas Pretloe, Elizabeth Crocker, Olive Crocker, and Arthur Crocker. William Williford refused the executorships Thomas Pretloe qualified.


                       _Robert LANCASTER ___|
                      | (1631 - 1720)       |
                      |                     |   __
                      |                     |  |  
                      |                     |__|__
 _Samuel LANCASTER ___|
| (1673 - 1760)       |
|                     |                         __
|                     |                        |  
|                     |                      __|__
|                     |                     |     
|                     |_Lattes ? ___________|
|                                           |
|                                           |   __
|                                           |  |  
|                                           |__|__
|--Robert LANCASTER 
|  (1702 - ....)
|                                               __
|                                              |  
|                                            __|__
|                                           |     
|                      _John HARRIS ________|
|                     |                     |
|                     |                     |   __
|                     |                     |  |  
|                     |                     |__|__
|                     |                           
|_Elizabeth HARRIS ___|
                      |                         __
                      |                        |  
                      |                      __|__
                      |                     |     
                      |_Unity ? ____________|
                                            |   __
                                            |  |  

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