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ABT 1726 - NOV 1793

  • BORN: ABT 1726, VA
  • DIED: NOV 1793, Edgecombe Co. NC


From the research of Nancy Lancaster Mathews

1726*Surry Co., VA, Vital Records
Benjamin Lancaster Sr. (b. bef. 1726 Surry Co., VA-d. Bef. November 1793 Edgecombe Co., NC)

Lucy (Delk) Lancaster (b. bef. 1729 Surry Co., VA-d. NC)

1747*Isle of Wight Co., VA, Deed Book 8, pg. 64 (1747-1752)
March 10th 1747... Arthur Crocker to William Crocker sold 100-acres on the north side of Black water Swamp adjoining Proctors Ferry, John Holloman and Taylor (being part of a tract called "Proctors"). Signed, Arthur Crocker. Witnesses: John Woodward, Thomas Betts, and Benjamin Lancaster. Registered March 10th 1747. (Benjamin born bef. 1726)

1752*Southampton Co., VA, Deed Book 1 (1749-1753), by John Anderson Brayton
March 2, 1752- (191) pp. 380-382- Recorded, August 13, 1752: Roger Delk of Surry Co., VA to Benjamin Bailey of Southampton Co., VA cons. 18-pounds cm, land on southside Main Blackwater Swamp; beginning at a corner pine of John Halliman and Thomas Hallimanís land, by Thomas Hallimanís line to a red oak, by Thomas Hallimanís line to a pine, by Thomas Hallimans line to a red oak, to a lightwood stake in Benjamin Pitmans line, by a line of marked trees to a stake in Joseph Griffins line, to a pine in ďRobert Meserís line, to a red oak, to an oak, to a lightwood stake in John Hallimans line, to a red oak, to a pine, to beginning, land formerly granted by patent to John Procter; Witnesses: Samuel Bailey, Thomas Prelow, Benjamin Lancaster, Robert Lancaster, Trail Bailey; signed Roger Delk; mem: March 2nd 1752, pleas and quarters seiz. (same wit. and sig.)

1758*Surry Co., VA, Deed Book 7, pg. 433 (1753-1760)
September 7th 1758... Dolphin Drew and wife Mary Drew of Isles of Wight County to Benjamin Phillips of Surry County for 35-pounds current money sold 150-acres in Southwark Parish bounded by Pocatinck Swamp, John Ruffin, the Green Swamp and John Honeycutt. Signed Dolphin Drew. Witnesses: Carter Crafford, John Mead, and Benjamin Lancaster, registered September 19th 1758.

1762*Isles of Wight Co., VA, Wills & Administrations, pg. 457 (1647-1800)
April 8th 1762... Will of John Cook, Leg: nephew Dempsey Cook: nephew Mathews Harris, son of Michael and Sarah Harris. Executor brother Nathan Cook dated April 18th 1762. Witnesses: Peter

Woodward, Benjamin Lancaster, William Harris, and Benjamin Bailey. Security Jethro Gale. Registered January 2nd 1777.

1768*Edgecombe Co., NC, Deed Book D, pg. 55-(72)
November 22nd 1768... John (x) Proctor of Edgecombe Co. deeded to Aaron Hargrove of

Same county November 22nd 1768 for 5-pounds proclamation sold 100-acres which was part of a grant to said Proctor February 22nd 1761 on the south side of Tyancokey swamp, joining School House Branch, said John Proctor. Witnesses: Etheldred Ruffin, Thomas Dixon, and Benjamin Lancaster. February Court 1769 James Hall, CC

1770*Edgecombe Co., NC, Court Minutes, Book II, pg. 272 (1763-1774)
May-August 1770... Ordered that the following hands be added to the road whereof

William Cohoon is overseer to witness Lewis Griffins, Thomas Hensley (Hensley), Benjamin Hensley (Hensley), Benjamin Lancaster, Richard Swanson, John Thomas, and William Proctor.

1771*Edgecombe Co., NC, Deed Book 2, pg. 774-(187) (acquires 200 acres)
October 7th 1771... Robert Lancaster of Edgecombe Co. to Benjamin Lancaster of the same county October 7th 1771 for 10-pounds proclamation sold 200-acres on Tyancokey Swamp, joining Cohoon, said Robert Lancaster. Witnesses: Duncan Lamon, Thomas Herbert. January Court 1775, Edward Hall, CC.

1773*Surry Co., VA, Wills, Estates, Inv. Pg. 291 (1730-1800)
February 10th 1773... Will of Roger Delk Jr. of Surry County, VA. Richard Hardy, Executor. Sons: William, Rhodewell (not 21), and daughters: Mary Mavery, Ann Allen, Lucy Lancaster, and Elvira Delk. Grandchildren: Moreland Delk, Nancy Delk daughter of William: Children of Mary Mavery. Witnesses: Richard Hardy, Charles Clary and Nathaniel James. Registered April 27th 1773.

1775*Edgecombe Co., NC, Court Minutes, Book III, pg. 10 (1775-1785)
January 1775... A Deed of Sale from Robert Lancaster to Benjamin Lancaster, proved by the Oath Duncan Lamon.

1777*Edgecombe Co., NC, Deed Book 3, pg. 975-(217) (acquires 157-acres)
October 14th 1777... Duncan Lamon of Edgecombe Co. sold to Benjamin Lancaster of the same county dated October 14th 1777 for 50-pounds proclamation sold 157-acres, joining the mouth of Meadow Branch. Witnesses: Arched Lamon, John Cohoon recorded October Court 1777 Edward Hall, CC.

1777*Edgecombe Co., Deed Book 3, pg. (311)
October 13th 1777... Duncan Lamon of Edgecombe Co. to Willis McDade of the same county, October 13th 1777 for 50-pounds Proclamation money sold a tract of 217-acres on the south side of Tar River and adjoining Rension Tisdale, it being part of a Granville grant to Rension Tisdale bearing date October 15th 1761, and by him conveyed to Duncan Lamon. Witnesses: Arched Lamon, Benjamin Lancaster.

1778*Edgecombe Co., NC, Deed Book 3, pg. 1-(311) (sold 157-acres)
March 18th 1778... Benjamin Lancaster of Edgecombe Co., to Jeridiah Holloman of the same county dated March 18th 1778 for 100-pounds proclamation sold 157-acres on the north side of a prong of Coca Swamp. Witnesses: Duncan Lamon, Arched Lamon. May Court 1778, Edward Hall, CC

1780*Edgecombe Co., NC, Deed Book E, pg. 224-(25) (acquires 200-acres)
February 16th 1780... Robert Lancaster of Edgecombe Co., sold to Benjamin Lancaster of the same place. February 16th 1780 for 50-pounds proclamation sold 200-acres on the north side of Tyancokey Swamp, joining Cohoon. Witnesses: Duncan Lamon, Arched Lamon. February Court 1780, Edward Hall, CC.

1782*Edgecomb Co., NC, Deed Book E, page 338, dated, October 28, 1782
State of North Carolina Grant number 176 to Benjamin Lancaster, by Gov. Alexander Martin, a tract of 200 acres lying on both sides of Tyancoque Swamp, adjoining James Merrit and his own line. August Court 1783, Edward Hall, CC.

(Note*Robert Lancaster, filed for his grant the same day, his recorded, on page 337)

1782*Edgecomb Co., NC, Deed Book E, page 478-(225), dated, October 28, 1782
State Grant number 339 to Renison Tisdale, 361 acres joining Holliman, William Cohoon, said Tisdale, a branch, Benjamin Lancaster. February Court 1783, Edward Hall, CC.

1783*Edgecomb Co., NC, Court Minutes, Book III, page (225), dated, August 1783
Edgecomb Co., at a County Court of Pleas and Quarters Sessions held for said County at the Courthouse in Tarborough on the first Monday in August and fourth day in Seventh year of Independence and in the year of our Lord 1783. The following grants were issued to William Brand, Stancil Barbree (2), Robert Lancaster, Benjamin Lancaster, Benjamin Weaver, Geroge Bruce, Mary Coney, John Morris, Thomas Clark, Arthur Harris.

1784*Edgecomb Co., NC, Deed Book 4, page 287, dated, August 18, 1784
Henry Lancaster sold to Jacob Boyett, both of Edgecomb Co., for 20 pounds proclamation, for 250 acres on the prong of Coca Swamp, adjoining Benjamin Lancaster. Jacob Boyett, sold some of this land to Benjamin Weaver on August 30, 1785, for 50 pounds proclamation money, Deed Book 4, page 457.

(Note* Jacob Boyett, married Benjamin Lancaster's daughter about this time)

1785*Edgecombe Co., NC, Deed Book 4, pg. 45-(457)
August 30th 1785... Jacob Boyett of Edgecombe Co. sold to Benjamin Weaver of the same place dated August 30th 1785 for 50-pounds specie sold (acres) a tract on the north side of Tyancokey swamp, joining Tobes Branch, said Boyett, Benjamin Lancaster, Robert Lancaster, Benjamin Weaver. Witnesses: Arched Lamon, John Lamon. November Court 1786, Edward Hall, CC.

1785*Edgecombe Co., Court Minutes, Book III, pg. (337)-67 (1775-1785)
August 1785... A deed of Sale from Henry Lancaster to Jacob Boyett proved by Benjamin Lancaster.

1786*Edgecombe Co., NC, Deed Book 4, pg. 84-(496)
December 11th 1786... Robert Crocker of Warren Co., to Rension Tisdall of Edgecombe Co., dated December 11th 1786 for 16-pounds specie sold 50-acres on the north side of Tyancokey Swamp, joining said Tisdall. Witnesses: William Tisdall, Benjamin Lancaster. February Court 1787, Edward Hall CC. (Note*Robert Crocker s/o Joseph and Catherine (Lancaster) Crocker and grandson of Robert Lancaster of Isles of Wight Co., VA married Susanna Lancaster d/o John Lancaster Jr. granddaughter of John Lancaster Sr.)

1787*Edgecomb Co., NC, Deed Book 4, page 231-(640), dated, January 29, 1788
Benjamin Lancaster deed to Roger Lancaster, both of Edgecomb Co., a Negro boy, named John, age 8 years. Witnesses: Robert Degges. January Court Term, 1788. Edward Hall, CC.

(Note*Roger Lancaster, is Benjamin Lancaster's, oldest son, being named after his grandfather, Roger Delk, Jr.)

1787*Edgecombe Co., NC, Deed Book 5, pg. 391-(134) (sold/inherited 100 acres)
March 19th 1787... Benjamin Lancaster Sr. of Edgecombe Co. to Benjamin Lancaster Jr. of the same place dated March 19th 1787 for 50-pounds specie sold 100-acres on the south side of Tyancokey Swamp. Witnesses: S. L. Ruffin, Abisha Horn. May Court 1789 Edward Hall, CC.

(Note*land was given in lew of debt as inheritence from fathers estate)

1788*Edgecombe Co., NC, Deed Book 5, pg. 408-(162)
February 1st 1788... Aaron Proctor of Edgecombe Co., to Joseph Griffin of the same place dated

February 1st 1788 for 50-pounds specie sold 271-acres on the north side of Tyancoque Swamp, joining William Cohoon, Jr. Bee Tree Branch, Proctors, Stephen Watkins. Witnesses: Sampson Procter, Benjamin Lancaster. May Court 1789, Edward Hall, CC.

1790*Census, Halifax District, Edgecombe Co., NC
Benjamin (1-Male-21+ yrs=b.bef.1769) Lancaster Sr. listed head of household- 2f (any age)-


1790*Edgecomb Co., NC, Court Minutes, dated, February 3, 1790
Courts on Roger Lancaster, deceased, father Benjamin Lancaster, asks for administration of his son, granted. Inventory of the Estate, returned in February. Account of Sale, on February 19, 1790, by Benjamin Lancaster. August Court, 1791, Accounts current with the administrator, Robert Lancaster, Jr. and Benjamin Lancaster, Jr. paid their parts of the Estate.

1793*Edgecomb Co., NC, Court Minutes, dated, Friday, August 30, 1793
Benjamin Lancaster proved the Will of John Williams, deceased. The Will was found in a locked chest with other valuable goods, and proven by Hardy Flowers, Benjamin Lancaster, and Absolom Williams, who swore to his hand writing since there were no witnesses.

1793*Edgecombe Co., Wills & Estate Records, Will Book C, page 235.
September 24th 1793- November Court 1793: Will of Benjamin Lancaster Sr., Wife: (unnamed), 280-acres, where I live, horse, bridal, saddle, stock, cattle, etc. for life, or widowhood. Son: Benjamin Lancaster 100-acres land, furniture, pewter and loom. Thomas Boyett, furniture, 50-acres of land whereon I live and to his son Benjamin Boyett, gun and my wearing apparel. Son: Robert Lancaster furniture, pewter dish and plates, basin, 2 hoes and drawing knife. Sons and executor: Elijah Lancaster, furniture, horse, bridle, saddle, etc., pewter plates, basin, gun, 280-acres land after death of his mother. Grandson: Levi Boyett, bed and gun and remainder estate to be divided betwixt my 2 sons Robert and Elijah. Benjamin Lancaster, Jacob Boyett and Thomas Boyett have received full legacies. Witnesses: Thomas Merritt, Samuel Merritt. On the bottom of the first page of the ordinal Will, is written. Edgecombe County, November Court 1793...The Witnesses on Will of Benj (a.) Lancaster was duly heard in open court by oath of Thomas and Samuel Merrit - the executor was then qualified and the will ordered to be recorded. Test. Edward Hall. (Note*the middle letter, (a) was written in between his name, this is the only place I have found this.)

(Note*total land owned at time of death was 400 acres-100+280=380)

1793*Edgecombe Co., Estate Records, Vol. I, (1730-1820)
December 21st 1793... Benjamin Lancaster account of sale by Elijah Lancaster executor: December 21st 1793. Henry Lancaster, Hartwell Lancaster, Robert Lancaster Sr. were buyers, February Court, 1795. Account Current with the executor, February Court, 1795.

1794*Edgecombe Co., NC, Deed Book 8, pg. 599-(586)
December 9th 1794... Elijah (x) Lancaster of Edgecombe Co. deeded to John Griffin Jr. of same, place dated December 9th 1794 for 1-pound 12-shillings 10-pence sold 200-acres on the north side of Tyancokey Swamp, joining Cohoon. Also signed by Lucy Lancaster. Witnesses: John Wilson, Samuel Merritt. Proved November Court 1796, Edward Hall, CC. (Note*Elijah Lancaster, Executor of Benjamin Lancaster, Sr., Lucy Lancaster, widow of Benjamin Lancaster, Sr. deceased sale of his land.)

1795*Edgecomb Co., NC, Deed Book 8, page 348-(396), dated August 3, 1795.
Jacob Boyett to Drury Williams, both of Edgecomb Co., for 150 acres on a prong of Coca Swamp, joining Williby Hooks, Tobys Branch, Benjamin Lancaster, Benjamin Weaver, Robert Lancaster, Henry Lancaster. Witnesses: John Williams, Pharaba Williams. Proven November Court 1795, Edward Hall, CC.

1796*Edgecombe Co., Deed Book 8, pg. 673-(680)
December 13th 1796... Abraham (A) Pippin of Edgecombe Co. to Ephraim Daws of the same place, dated December 13th 1796 for 8-pounds 2-shillings and 10-pence sold 165-acres which was part of a state grant to Benjamin Lancaster and the remaining part to Roger Lancaster dated October 28th 1782 on the north side of Tyancokey Swamp, joining John Griffin, Rension Tisdall, John Norris. Witnesses: John Griffin, John Vanpelt. Proved February Court 1797, Edward Hall, CC

1800*Census, Edgecombe Co., NC
Lucy Lancaster Moved, Deceased, or in household with others

1802*Edgecomb Co., NC, Deed Book 10, page 883-(259), dated February 11, 1802.
Drury Williams to Elijah Moore, both of Edgecomb Co., for 35 pounds specie, for 134 1/2 acres on a prong of Coca Swamp, joining his own corner, Williby Hooks, Tobeys Branch, Benjamin Lancaster, Benjamin Weaver, Robert Lancaster, Henry Lancaster. Witnesses: Jesse Gray, Hardy Horner. Proven May Court 1802, Edward Hall, CC.

Additional Information for Lucy (Delk) Lancaster
1693*Surry Co., VA, Wills, Estate Records, Book 4, pg. 309, Will of Roger Delk, Sr.

October 24th 1692 ... Will of Roger Delk, Sr. deceased. Leg: To eldest son, John Delk, the land and plantation where I now live after wives decease. To daughter, Rebecca, a large silver cup, 2 gold rings, and silver bodkin and to my two younger sons Roger and Joseph Delk, my land at Black water, 490-acres to be equally divided. All the rest of my estate to my wife Rebecca and my children and make wife Rebecca Executor. Probated July 4th 1693. Witnesses: Joseph Seale, William Hancock, and Francis Taylor.

1694* Surry Co., Wills, Estate Records- John Greene having married Relict, Rebecca Lancaster, asks for probate.

1699*Surry Co., Wills, Estate Records- George Ezell having married, Rebecca, daughter of Roger Delk ask for Administration on Roger Delkís estate.


                                             _Robert LANCASTER ___|__
                                            | (1631 - 1720)          
                       _Samuel LANCASTER ___|
                      | (1673 - 1760)       |
                      |                     |                      __
                      |                     |                     |  
                      |                     |_Lattes ? ___________|__
 _Robert LANCASTER ___|
| (1702 - ....)       |
|                     |                                            __
|                     |                                           |  
|                     |                      _John HARRIS ________|__
|                     |                     |                        
|                     |_Elizabeth HARRIS ___|
|                                           |
|                                           |                      __
|                                           |                     |  
|                                           |_Unity ? ____________|__
|--Benjamin LANCASTER 
|  (1726 - 1793)
|                                                                  __
|                                                                 |  
|                                            _____________________|__
|                                           |                        
|                      _____________________|
|                     |                     |
|                     |                     |                      __
|                     |                     |                     |  
|                     |                     |_____________________|__
|                     |                                              
|_Martha ? ___________|
                      |                                            __
                      |                                           |  
                      |                      _____________________|__
                      |                     |                        
                                            |                      __
                                            |                     |  

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