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In 1806 Nicholas Welch migrated from North Carolina to Decatur County, TN and settled about three miles south of the present town of Decaturville on Rushing Creek.  He was a member of an immigrant party that included Reuben White; Elijah and Albert White and their two sisters, Sally and Nancy White; Dan Saint; Burr Rushing and several Negro slaves.

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Nicholas married Nancy White and together they build a log cabin on Rushing Creek.  One of their sons Henry Welch, married Mary Polly White, daughter of Reuben White, Jr.  They moved to the top of the hill and built a two-story four-room house about 30 yards south of the present home site.  There Henry and Polly raised their family and worked the farm of three boys and four girls.  It was in Henry’s name that the first land deeds were recorded in 1849.

- excerpted from Decatur County, Tennessee History and Families, 1846-1996

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